Kids Makin’ Movies

Located on an organic farm in Aptos, CA—Thomas Farm Films educates children how to make movies. From script to screen, our hands-on curriculum promotes CREATIVITY, SELF-CONFIDENCE, & CRITICAL THINKING…resulting in short films that will be screened together at local theaters in Thomas Farm Film Festivals! All children ages 5 to 18 can learn the craft, as we offer partial & full scholarships for those in need.


“My daughter Tess attended this years Film Camp at Thomas Farms. Every day she came home with so much energy and so excited about what she learned and the film that she was helping to create. Thomas Farms Film Camp created such a fun and supportive environment for kids to collaborate and create such a creative yet ambitious film. The entire staff at Thomas Farms were not only experts in filmmaking, but you could tell that they genuinely cared for and enjoyed being with the kids. The actual screening of the films was very impressive. They rented out an entire movie theater to screen each kid’s film. The picture and audio quality were top notch. Each film was so well written, acted, edited and scored. These were not just “kids movies”. They were actual films. My daughter is so excited for next year.
Thanks Thomas Farm Films!”


2023 Events

Thomas Farm Films Summer Camp 2022 Film Festival

at The Rio Theater in Santa Cruz

Saturday, March 11th, 2023

Doors open at 4pm
G Block begins at 5pm (approx. 80 min)
PG Block begins at 7pm (approx. 75 min)

Show Ticket prices:
$30 Adult
$20 Youth (ages 12 and under)


Summer 2023

Week 1: June 19th-23rd
Week 2: June 26th-30th SOLD OUT
Off for 4th of July week
Week 3: July 10th-14th SOLD OUT
Week 4: July 17th-21st SOLD OUT

If we are not filmmaking,
we are farming—check it out!
Thomas Family Farm