Watch Films

“I highly recommend Thomas Farm Films! They are an amazing group of people that are offering such a unique and powerful learning experience for our youth.”

Week 1

The Spaghetti Monster
Trespassing can be deadly

She robbed a bank, but stole their hearts

Week 2

Slotter Room
They thought it was abandoned. They were wrong.

Lost on Barduino
They had to get lost in space… to find what really matters.

Week 3

Blood Sisters
A couple rebuilds their family.
Now, they’ve got to figure out how to keep them fed.

The McGuffin
The world’s most powerful superheroes go in search for the ultimate prize.

Week 4

Zombie Pizza Party
The only thing missing from this zombie apocalypse is pizza.

What happened to Delilah McDonald?

Week 5

Fantasy Ahoy
Royalty Meets Scurvy.

Gopher Dreaming
Gophers and farmers don’t get along. Unless….

Spring Break of 2019, we ran a practice filmmaking camp. Free for our friends and family to drop their kids off with us on the farm for the day and see if we could make a movie. We were able to get 4 hours of shooting in due to intermittent rain. Here is our pilot film. Made on the farm with kids.