“My daughter Tess attended this years Film Camp at Thomas Farms. Every day she came home with so much energy and so excited about what she learned and the film that she was helping to create. Thomas Farms Film Camp created such a fun and supportive environment for kids to collaborate and create such a creative yet ambitious film. The entire staff at Thomas Farms were not only experts in filmmaking, but you could tell that they genuinely cared for and enjoyed being with the kids. The actual screening of the films was very impressive. They rented out an entire movie theater to screen each kid’s film. The picture and audio quality were top notch. Each film was so well written, acted, edited and scored. These were not just “kids movies”. They were actual films. My daughter is so excited for next year.
Thanks Thomas Farm Films!”

I highly recommend Thomas Farm Films. My daughters, 10 and 12, had the best time at Thomas Farm Film camp this summer. Every community should have a fun and confidence-building camp like this. Kari and Josh are so kind and encouraging with the kids and give them an extraordinary opportunity to be fully involved in the film process—from acting to sound to filming to editing. We can’t wait for the film screening event in a real movie theater, and my kids will definitely do more camps and classes in the future.”

“Thomas Farm Films is a creative and unique experience for your child to learn positive self esteem. Encouragement and a healthy environment make for confidence building in this safe and fun workshop. I know these children are headed for greatness! Thanks Kari and Josh!”

“I highly recommend Thomas Farm Films! They are an amazing group of people that are offering such a unique and powerful learning experience for our youth.”

“What a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience for my 13yo son! We had just moved here from out of state when I saw an ad for this film camp and signed him up. He made friends he still hangs out with and memories that he’ll treasure for years. Seeing the finished product brought him so much pride and really opened him up to try new things. Whether your child is outgoing or reserved, they’ll find a way to play to their strengths and make them feel included and valued. Really can’t recommend this enough!”

“Gorgeous location, well run, nurturing and educational. Great stimulating way for kids to grow their minds and get outside!”

“The Thomas Farm Films camp was an incredible experience for our boys! They both attended an arts school for elementary and had the opportunity to participate in theater productions every year, and are both talented actors. As they are growing up, they are less interested in theater due to the “coolness” perception of pre-teens. This film camp was the perfect bridge to help continue their acting careers. They had a blast and were exposed to all aspects of professional film production, including original scripts, make-up, costuming, location scouting, shooting, editing and a wonderful showing of their movie on a big screen. There was even a “red carpet” event on the showing night. It was a blast and we plan on sending the boys again! Thank you Thomas Farm Films!”

“My teenage son, Zack, attended a one week film making program at Thomas Farm Films camp this past summer. Zack is typically the kind of kid who finishes things and wants to go on to something new, but he had such a great time that he went for a second week. Initially I was a bit concerned about the wide age range of the kids in the program but the TFF crew was great with all the kids and found a way to connect with each kid individually and it really showed in the films. the film production was so professional and the kids were so proud of the work they did. Zachary is looking forward to spending another summer at Thomas Farm Films next year!”