Film Camp Guidelines

Hello to whomever is reading this I am Avery Christmas one of the film professors for the online courses being provided by Thomas Farm Films below is a general guidelines of how each course I’m covering will go down.


For editing students over the course of the class will learn editing techniques and skills to not only be able to cut their own film. But also begin to grasp the importance of knowing what to keep and what to lose despite taking the time to shoot it, and other important concepts to make a tight and perfectly paced film.


A NLE system DaVinci is a good and free one and I will teach the class how to use it and others. (Premiere and AVID are industry standards and are my favorite, but are not required since they cost money, but encouraged. Premiere is more user friendly than AVID)

2 hard drives 5400rpm minimum 7200 rpm preferred 1tb minimum for storing files and projects and work and can be used for other classes in the camp. The second is a backup in case the first one fails and assuming you’ve been backing up everything onto this drive you won’t have lost everything during a failure. Hard Drive recovery is super expensive and I have seen numerous times where people have lost everything because they didn’t get a second drive.

Most importantly a computer or laptop that can run a NLE software (which ever one you choose) each NLE’s website will have their own unique minimum system requirements. So check before you sign up if you have a computer or laptop that can run any of them.


Animation class will be a basic overview of traditional 2D animation by the end of class your child will have the understanding of basic animation and will have tiny exercises that helps them understand how to make things look really good and pop when animated!


Paper and pencil minimum. However if you have software like adobe animate, a mouse or more better suited a drawing pad or a drawing tablet (there is a difference) then they will have a cleaner and more streamline of hand drawn animation that’s done today and can even have an easier time of making their own animated joints once camp is over.